Burghfield Bowls Club Green Construction

Completed in

In December 2012, we commenced work on a new green for Burghfield Bowls Club. During the project we worked for Burghfield Community Sports Association.

The earthworks and construction phases are now complete and Burghfield are awaiting our return, in warmer conditions, to laser grade the surface, carry out final ground preparation and seed with Limagrain MM10 (80% fescue / 20% bent).

The base was excavated to a suitable depth, as well as a concrete cricket net base, with arising’s being utilised onsite. The drainage runs were excavated and 100mm main drain pipe and 80mm lateral drainpipes installed. The drainage trenches were backfilled and a 4-10mm gravel carpet installed at a depth of 100mm. A 2-4mm blinding grit layer was then installed at a depth of 20mm. This ensures the gravel carpet and rootzone layer do not mix, which could eventually block the drainage system. Finally, 200mm of 70/30 rootzone was spread and laser graded to create the precision levels that are required from a bowling green.

Concrete ditch channels were installed around the perimeter of the green that were fitted with astro turf and rubber ditch liners.


Project Specification

Machinery Dumper, Volvo Excavator, Blec Laser Grader
Materials Limagrain MM10 Seed

Client Feedback

“Burghfield Bowls Club was given notice to leave its current site in 2010. With suitable land taking a while to find, our planning and fundraising efforts for a complete new facility were in a somewhat compressed timescale. We were therefore adamant that we secured a contractor with the right experience and one in which we could place trust.”

“From initial contact, all members of the Fineturf team were keep to assist us in providing a fantastic green for our members, but not by simply dictating to us what should happen. Giving us ideas and expert guidance was of great value in allowing us to feel extremely comfortable in making Fineturf our preferred contractor. Their help with initial planning and costings advice, enabled us to comply with Sport England requirements, which resulted in us being granted major funding that allowed the club to continue.”

“From the first site visit and throughout the whole process, they were professional but friendly and flexible enough to deal with any issues that cropped up – as they do from time to time! Ours, on the whole, were climatic. In what were truly horrendous conditions, with at times: a flooded site; a frozen site; snow and gales they managed to complete the work as specified and on time. Just 14 working days from starting we had the basis of a new green. Dug out from a field, with all drainage pipes and concrete ditch units installed and rootzone laser leveled, it was quite an impressive sight to see it develop.”

“Not only were the guys at the development working hard out in all conditions, but they were always cheerful, helpful and able to keep us informed of what was happening. It also applied to those back in the office, who were ready to answer any questions and be proactive in the project management.”

“Since the first stage of the build in late 2012, we have been awaiting better weather and look forward to the return of Fineturf to level off the surface and finally seed the green. There has been a lot of interest generated as we are the first club in the County to have a new natural surface green built in a very long time, so we can’t wait for the day when we can turn up for the first roll-up in April 2014 and be the envy of our neighbouring clubs.”

“I can honestly say, our experience of working with Fineturf on this build has been one of highlights of the whole project.”

Kevin Belcher - Project Manager, Burghfield Community Sports Association