Boston United FC Main Pitch Construction

June 2020

We have recently completed the construction of the football pitch at Boston United FC's newly constructed Community Stadium. The project commenced in the latter part of 2019 and following a wet winter was completed this summer. The pitch was constructed using the following methodology.

  • Trim and laser grade the formation.
  • Excavate and install a main drain along each touchline.
  • Excavate and install secondary drainage perpendicular to the main drains at 5m centres and 250mm deep.
  • Laser grade and consolidate a 100mm deep 6mm gravel carpet.
  • Laser grade and consolidate a 275mm deep medium sand layer.
  • Apply a 28:3:15 controlled release fertiliser and a 0:20:20 pre seed fertiliser.
  • Spread and ameliorate fibre concentrate into the top 75mm of the surface.
  • Apply a 14:6:8 fertiliser and sow Limagrain MM60.

During the construction a full automatic irrigation system was also installed.

  • Install a concrete base for the 21m3 water tank.
  • Install a lockable pump house and multistage 3 phase pump, starter panel and irrigation controller.
  • Supply and install a water main and 14 Hunter valve in head sprinklers around the pitch perimeter. These sprinklers have a 27m throw radius.
  • Supply and install 6 Hunter turf top sprinklers across the pitch.
  • Provide a remote control for the system.

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