Basildon Sports Village Bowling Green Construction

June 2012

In April 2012 Fineturf commenced work on two new bowling green constructions at Basildon Sports Village. The current facilities boast a swimming pool, fitness suite, climbing wall, netball courts and football pitches with the new bowling greens a welcome addition.

The project has now reached its final phase, which will be the installation of bowling green turf. During the construction Fineturf operatives have been presented with challenging weather conditions and have worked professionally and efficiently to successfully reach this stage of the project in the proposed timescales.

The first task was to remove a number of tree stumps, root systems and a concrete base from the site. Following this the formations were excavated using a Volvo 360, creating a solid, compacted base approximately 300mm below the final level of the bowling greens.

Main and lateral drainage trenches were excavated, cleared of any remaining debris and perforated drainage pipe installed. The trenches were backfilled with washed drainage gravel. Following this, county concrete channels were installed around the perimeter of both greens.

A 4-10mm gravel carpet was spread at a depth of 100mm and a 2-4mm blinding grit layer spread on top of this; acting as a barrier between the rootzone and gravel carpet. Finally, 200mm of rootzone was spread and precision laser graded, creating a surface ready for pre turf fertiliser and turf installation.

Other works on the project included the installation of an irrigation system, a concrete slab perimeter path, the installation of Astroturf to the concrete channels and the installation of rubber ditch mats.

Following the construction, Fineturf will deliver a 12 month maintenance program which includes mowing, top dressing, deep tine aeration and fertiliser application.