Barnes Bowls Club Green Renovation

October 2013

Barnes Bowling Club is regarded as one of the oldest bowling clubs in the country. Founded in 1725 and still going strong, with 80 members, matches are played with two wooden bowls instead of Henselite and whites are not worn. Working on the naturally undulating green was a rarity for Fineturf with contracts usually undertaken on laser graded flat greens. We were ofcourse delighted to have been selected to work at such a historic venue.

Following our arrival on site we commenced work on the fully automatic irrigation system. Pipe work was installed and connected to the existing tank and a controller and starter panel fitted in the pavilion.

The bowling green was scarified in two directions using a Graden and all arisings cleared from the site. Top dressing was applied, 6:5:18 fertiliser and Limagrain MM10 grass seed. All materials were then drag matted into the surface. Finally there were two worn corners of the green that required some additional work. These areas were scarified, prepped by hand and re-turfed using Tillers Greens Turf grown on soil.