Trilo S12 Vacuum Sweeper Hire



Collect large volumes of material with our Trilo S12 vacuum sweeper. Whether you wish to clear grass cuttings, leaves or litter the S-line offers the perfect solution. With a 12m3 capacity and adjustable working width of up to 3m, areas can be cleared very quickly and with minimal labour.

A 4m long, 350mm diameter suction hose can get into hard to reach areas. The hose is operated by remote control and can be placed both sides of the machine.


Materials collected Grass clippings
Rough cut grass
Hedge trimmings
Autumn leaves
Litter and rubbish
Tractor requirement 65hp - 90hp
Working width with brushhead 1.8m - 3m
Working width with flail rotor 1.8m - 2.1m
Capacity 12m3
Measurements 7.3m x 2.35m x 2.95m
Suction hose length 4m
Suction hose diameter 350mm
Transport speed Upto 50mph