Jacobsen AR722 Rotary Mower



Jacobsen AR722 wide area rotary mower for sale. This 4WD machine has a working width of 3.15m and is fitted with 7 56cm Trim Tek rotary cutting heads capable of mowing undulations with a reduced chance of scalping. Center 5 decks adjusted via joystick and wing decks adjusted via knob on wing lift valve.

Suitable for maintaining golf rough, greens and tee surrounds, and sports and playing fields.

Jacobsen AR722 for sale, fully serviced by our trained mechanics.

Jacobsen AR722

£27,995.00 + VAT

1449 Hours



Cutting width 3.15m (124in)
Cutting height 19mm - 133mm in 6mm increments
Cutting peformance 8.7 acres p/h