Trebro Autostack II Turf Harvester



Trebro AutoStack II for sale. This automatic turf harvester has a double width conveyor to harvest two 0.61m rolls at once. Dual adjustable down pressure produces an excellent quality of cut with minimum waste. This machine has 8050 hours and has harvested 99000 pallets.

Heated and air conditioned cab which has curved glass for excellent visibility and is mounted on anti-vibration mounts for a smooth ride. All wheel drive and large flotation tires the AutoStack II can easily harvest in muddy and wet conditions with ease.

Trebro Autostack II Turf Harvester

£139,995.00 + VAT

8050 Hours



Width of cut Two 24 inch cutting heads (2 x 0.61m)
Length of cut Electronically variable up to 81 inches (2.06m)
Thickness of cut Hydraulically adjusted
Pallet size 48 x 48 inch single faced (1.22 m x 1.22 m)
Weight 28,250 lbs. (12,814 kg)
Length 34 feet, 10 inches (10.62m)
Width 11 feet, 11 inches (3.63m)
Height 9 feet (2.74m)
Horsepower 130hp Cummins