Fineturf Machinery Sorrel Roller


Fineturf Machinery

Sorrel spiking roller for sale. The spiking process breaks and loosens the surface crust and reduces compaction. This type of aeration also allows water, nutrients and wetting agents to permeate the surface and the increased airflow into the active area increases microbe activity and gaseous exchange. This helps to create a healthier plant, faster growth, reduce disease and break up thatch layers.

This sorrel roller has been manufactured for spiked aeration on sports pitches, cricket squares, tennis courts, bowling greens and ornamental lawns. Designed and built to a high standard by our team of engineers. Working depth of 35mm and fitted with hardwearing steel tines.

Sorrel Roller

£820.00 + VAT



Hand roller working width 66cm (26in)
Hand roller working depth 35mm