Throughout the year sports turf surfaces endure wear and tear from both excessive use and poor weather conditions. Regular and seasonal maintenance can add life to and restore a worn surface to provide a high performance all year round. Fineturf offer a range of maintenance and renovation solutions.

Fine turf currently have two surface removal machines, a Blec Combinator and a Koro Field Top Maker, which can be used to koro, strip, fraize mow or remove upto 40mm from a sports turf surface. This technique levels the surface, removes thatch, poa annua and weaker stalks leaving the stronger red stalks of ryegrass to regrow. The introduction of new seed further improves regrowth.

The Blec Laser Grader is used during sports field construction and renovation projects. When operated with lasers, you can expect to achieve accurate grading to + or – 3mm. The rear wheels and grading blade are automatically adjusted as the tractor and machine drive over the area, resulting in a precision laser levelled sports field.

Overseeding improves worn surfaces by introducing new cultivars into the sward. Fine-turf disc seeder first creates slits ensuring seed placement below the surface with the rear roller closing these slits; a technique that delivers excellent germination results. A Sisis seeder is available for use before or after top dressing of golf greens. An Amazon drill is also available for virgin seeding.

Fineturf custom built spreaders are used for sand spreading to level and repair surface irregularities. Rootzone application is usually performed following the Koro’s surface removal. The machine can spread upto 90 tonnes per hour.

The Blec sand master combines a groundbreaker and sand slitter. The groundbreaker uses a similar decompaction method to the Earthquake; the slits created by the rotary blades of the ground breaker are widened by coulter tines and immediately filled with sand. This procedure improves drainage and relieves soil compaction.

We currently have four 1.6m wide Wiedenmann Terra Spike machines available which provide deep tine aeration, vertical draining and soil decompaction resulting in improved surface drainage and root growth. This process is essential in a sports turf maintenance program. Tining depth can be up to 350mm with spacing dependant on the turf grass surface and customer requirements.

Fineturf offer a number of scarifying options to remove thatch and dead grass resulting in improved drainage and root growth. Thatchaway and verticutting units are available for golf greens and cricket outfields. The Graden can be used on golf greens and cricket squares and finally the Koro Field Top Maker with scarifying reel to scarify and collect larger areas.

Top dressing of golf greens and tees is usually performed after hollow tine and overseeding to true the playing surface and aid new seed germination.

Hollow core and collecting provides aeration and thatch removal which results in improved surface drainage and encourages root growth. Removed cores are refilled with top dressing.