Fineturf 2010 Project Review

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Fineturf enjoyed a very successful 2010, building on our strong relationships with long term clients and securing new contracts and customers to support and service into the future. The specialist nature and range of our services which include football, rugby, golf, cricket, bowling and racecourses ensures that a busy 2011 awaits.

Football Pitch Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Projects

During the summer of 2010 we commenced work on a 60000m2 playing field construction at the City of Lincoln School Academy for Balfour Beatty. The area was an old landfill site and the finished project was to consist of 3 football pitches, a five-a-side football pitch, a football training grid, 2 rugby pitches, 2 hockey pitches, a number of artificial cricket strips and an athletics track and area.
The work itself included the excavation of two topsoil layers which were stockpiled. A full drainage system was installed and the area cut and filled to create a level base. The excavated topsoil was respread and sports sand ameliorated into the top layer before laser levelling and stone raking. The final surface was sown with Limagrains MM60 winter sports seed mixture. Full details of the project can be found here: City of Lincoln School Academy Sports Pitch Construction.

The summer also saw the construction of 12000m2 of sports pitches in Thurmaston. The work included spraying off of existing vegetation prior to removal of the top layer using a Blec Combinator. The area was then cultivated and precision laser levelled using a Blec Laser Grader.

A main drain and lateral drains were trenched using a Shelton Super Trencher prior to being backfilled with washed drainage gravel and drainage sand. During the construction phase we also installed secondary drainage using a GKB Drainmaster, more information on this machine can be found here: Fineturf put GKB Drainmaster Straight to Work. The area was then stone raked using a Blec Rotor Rake, pre turf fertiliser applied and turfed using our own big roll sports turf.

Golf Course Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Projects

Following the partnership established in 2009 with Lakeland Earthworks, who brought over 35 years experience and industry expertise in large earth moving projects, land drainage, cut and fill engineering and golf course construction; we were in a strong position to continue our growth in this area of our business.

2010 saw golf course construction and renovation projects completed at London Golf Club, John O’ Gaunt, Leighton Buzzard Golf Club, Newark Golf Club and more. Work ranged from green and tee construction, bunker construction and alterations, lake and pond construction and drainage and irrigation installation.

Bowling Green Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Projects

Last year saw the completion of a number of bowling green renovation projects. Typical renovation work included stripping of existing turf, including thatch layer, using a Graden or Blec Combinator followed by cultivation of remaining material. Sports sand or blended rootzone was spread and levelled using precision laser equipment. Final ground preparation was carried out with a Blec Rotor Rake and carefully finished with hand rakes. In some cases, soil samples were taken and laboratory tests carried out to analyse the existing soil / sand mixture. This allowed us to closely match the new sports sand with the existing material prior to amelioration; ensuring long term improvements to the soil structure and therefore bowling green surface. Pre seed fertiliser was applied and the final surface sown with MM10 grass seed, a top performing Limagrain a fescue / bent mixture.

Additional maintenance works included hollow core and collect, to aid surface aeration, scarifying using a Graden verticutter to remove thatch build up, top dressing, fertiliser application and overseeding using Limagrain MM10 seed.

Cricket Wicket and Outfield Construction, Renovation and Maintenance Projects

As always, September saw the beginning of a busy Cricket renovation and maintenance period. Following the end of the season, clubs are keen for a swift turnaround of their annual renovation and maintenance work, ensuring the pitches readiness for the following season. Last year we enjoyed renovating a number of local and national wickets and outfields.

Our cricket renovation varies from club to club dependant on the condition of the wicket or outfield, the club and groundsman requirements and budget. Our experience and range of services position us well to accommodate all customers and to work with them on the most suitable renovation solution.

Last years work included a combination of moss, worm, disease and weed control, scarification or fraize mowing to remove thatch and deep tine aeration on both wickets and outfields. Wicket aeration, with pencil tines, improves root development and outfield aeration relieves compaction, improves surface drainage and nutrient take up. The wicket was generally prepared with top dressing and / or loam application, 6-5-18 fertiliser application and overseeding with Limagrain MM50, a ryegrass cricket wicket mixture.