Towcester Racecourse Track Reprofiling

Completed in

Set in parkland, Towcester racecourse is regarded as one of the most picturesque racing venues in the country and cites its first steeplechase event as far back as 1876. Fineturf were asked to renovate the racetrack in front of the stunning Grace and Empress grandstands.

The existing turf was removed using a big roll harvester and the topsoil layer stripped with an excavator. This area of the track was to be lowered and the formation re-profiled using laser guided equipment. Once the new levels were set the existing soil was ameliorated with imported Rootzone. Drainage and sand slits were also installed. Finally 6:5:18 and 28:3:15 fertiliser were applied and a chicken manure. The surface was sown with Limargrain MM60.


Project Specification

Machinery Big Roll Turf Harvester, Dakota Turf Tender, Sand Hopper, Shelton Trencher Wheel, Volvo Excavator
Materials 6:5:18 Fertiliser, 28:3:15 Fertiliser, Limagrain MM60 Seed