Wycombe Heights Golf Club Tee Construction

Completed in

Wycombe Heights Golf Club, part of BGL Golf, is regarded as one of the top pay and play courses in Buckinghamshire. Fineturf have renovated the 8th and 12th tee boxes and installed nine new winter tee mats.

The existing turf was removed from each tee and the areas reshaped and relevelled. A 100mm layer of rootzone was spread over each tee and prepared for turf; Tillers Arena small roll. Wycombe Heights green staff installed the turf.

Nine new winter tee mats were also installed. Each tee mat area required a stone base, timber frame and granite dust. The mats were then placed inside the frames and the surrounding areas re turfed.


Project Specification

Machinery Blec Laser Grader, Dumper, Volvo Excavator
Materials Tillers Turf Arena