Retford Golf Club

Completed in

Retford Golf Club is a picturesque oak lined course in North Nottinghamshire. Safety concerns had been raised around two holes where the fairways met and teeing off was controlled by players ringing a bell. It was decided to construct a new green to divert play away from this area and an elevated tee to ensure the green was fully visible.

Working with our partners Lakeland Earthworks who specialise in golf course construction and shaping, the existing turf and topsoil were stripped and the topsoil stockpiled for reuse. The green formation and mounding was shaped and consolidated by Lakeland’s Wayne Freeman, considered one of the country’s top golf course shapers. The shape of the new green was planned between Wayne, Retford’s head greenkeeper and the club professional. The stockpiled topsoil was then replaced. Drainage trenches were excavated and pipe laid in the trenches which were then backfilled with 4-10mm gravel. A gravel carpet was spread and a 300mm layer of rootzone. Retford’s green staff completed the construction by installing turf.

The second phase of the project involved the elevation of the tee. Existing topsoil was stripped and new imported material used to build the level. Greenwaste compost was blended into the existing topsoil which was spread over the tee. The final surface was levelled using laser instrumentation fitted to the Volvo excavator.