Coxmoor Golf Club Bunker Renovation, Relocation and Remediation

Completed in

Coxmoor Golf Club is a heathland course located near Nottingham. This October we returned for the 2nd of a 7 year program of bunker renovations, relocations and remediation. During the project, our shaper worked closely with architect Ken Moodie and head greenkeeper Ben Cumberland.

In recent years golf club and ball technology have dramatically improved with amateur golfers now hitting the ball further. This has rendered a number of fairway bunkers obsolete as their original positions are outside of modern golf ball landing zones. To address this fairway bunkers have been relocated, reshaped and in some cases realigned to the approach.

The project has been a team effort between ourselves and the greenkeepers who have installed Tillers 100% fescue and have done a great job of transplanting heather turf onto the bunker banks.