Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club

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We have recently completed a project for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club at their Lady Bay training facility in West Bridgford. During the project we constructed an artificial strip that adjoined with a single natural strip and a further 3 natural strips elsewhere in the facility.

Artificial Strip

The base was excavated to a depth of 100mm and the formation was then laser graded. A geo textile membrane was laid on the formation and a 50mm layer of type 1 stone spread, levelled and rolled. A second membrane was laid and a 50mm layer of Ollisett spread. This porous material is approved by the English Cricket Board. The wicket was once again laser graded and shock pad laid. Finally a wilton woven artificial carpet was rolled out and fixed to the formation. The edges were married to the surrounding natural grass.

Natural Strips

There were 4 natural strips constructed during the project. The formation was excavated to a depth of 120mm and laser graded. 40mm of loam was spread, laser graded and consolidated and then keyed, to prevent root break, with a Graden. Second and third 40mm layers of loam were applied, graded and consolidated and once again keyed. A pre seeder fertiliser was applied and Limagrain MM50 sown.


Project Specification

Machinery Blec Laser Grader, Blec Pedestrian Stone Rake
Materials Artificial Carpet, Limagrain MM50 Seed, Loam, Ollisett