Trilo SU40 Vacuum

Trilo SU40 Vacuum for sale. The Trilo SU40 is used to rapidly collect leaves, grass, wood chippings and litter. This model attaches to a tow bar for easy transportation. A 4m long, 200mm diameter suction hose can get into hard to reach areas.

The adjustable exhaust spout can be set to any desired angle (360 degrees) so that material located in even the most inaccessible places can be extracted into the vehicle’s container.

The balanced fan and dual-walled pump housing provide for a resistant, reliable and most importantly, safe power source.

Trilo SU40 Vacuum


£1,295.00 + VAT


Manufacturer Trilo
Model SU40
Suction hose length 4m
Suction hose diameter 200mm
Capacity 180m3/min
Weight 275kg