Trebro SC2010 Turf Harvester


Trebro SC2010 Turf Harvester for sale. The  SC2010 Roll is a self-propelled, automatic stacking, roll harvester that showcases Trebro’s reliability in an innovative design.

Compact, lightweight turf harvester that is powered by a 99 HP engine. The SC2010 stays on track in wet and muddy conditions thanks to the all-wheel drive and rear wheel anti spin control. A 170 degree front steering axle with zero turning radius ensures this harvester is highly manoeuvrable in smaller fields.

The automatic flap control roll-up system places the flaps in the correct position for a neat stable pallet of turf. The rear-mounted automatic pallet injector holds 10 empty pallets.

The comfortable cab provides the driver with visibility of the cutting head, conveyor and stacking functions.

Additional Features

  • Newest software update
  • Wheel motors recently replaced
  • Powered roll up
  • Radio
  • Air Con

Trebro SC2010 Turf Harvester


3400 Hours

£110,000.00 + VAT


Manufacturer Trebro
Model SC2010
Width of cut 0.6m (24 inch) or 0.58m (23 inch) or 0.53m (21 inch)
Thickness of cut Hydraulically adjusted
Pallet size 1.2m x 1.2m (48inch x 48inch)
Cutting knife One piece with fingers
Steering Ultra-Steer, (automatic) front pedestal. 170 degree arc
Weight 7,411kg (16,430lbs)
Length 8.41m (27ft 7inch)
Width (working) 3.15m (10ft 4inch)
Horsepower 99hp
Transmission 4 speed automatic