Trilo Hire

Our Trilo hire vacuums are used for the collection of grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves, waste and litter. When fitted with additional attachments some models can scarify and mow. Trilo hire for golf course maintenance, sports ground renovation, public park and roadside maintenance, event and festival site clearance and airfield maintenance.

Our commercial vacuum hire solutions can be used in a number of industries which we have outlined below.

Click here to view a drone video showcasing our machinery.

Greenkeepers and Groundsmen

The SG and lightweight S series are popular in the sports turf industry. Mowed grass is quick to collect from football pitches, cricket outfields, and racecourses. Wide turf tyres reduce compaction on the playing surface, leave no markings and cause minimal disruption to play. Flail and verticut attachments are available for grass cutting and scarifying.

Councils, Local Authorities and Highways Agency

Collect autumn leaves and wood chippings in public parks and gardens. Our larger S12 model provides high capacity collection for maintaining grass verges.

Event Organisers

Outdoor event organisers can quickly remove litter following festivals and country shows. Our powerful vacuum trucks are capable of clearing large amounts of waste and dispose of into waste bins. Watch our festival clearance video.

Airports and Airfields

Hiring a large capacity machine, like the S12, allows grass to efficiently mown and collected on airfields, reducing bird strikes.