Toro CT2140 Compact

Toro CT2140 Compact

Ref: FT405


2469 Hours

Toro CT2140 cylinder mower for sale. The CT range was designed to allow access to sites with restricted access and limited manoeuvrability. With a transport width of only 130cm the CT2140 can fit through the narrowest of gates and bollards. The narrow width and low weight means the machine can even be transported in a standard panel van.

3-cylinder diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission that provides outstanding performance in various cutting conditions. The LSDL system (Limited Slip Diff Lock) provides versatility and traction in extreme conditions.

This machine is suitable for mowing park areas, playing fields, holiday parks and large gardens.


Manufacturer Toro
Model CT2140
Cutting width 2.12m
Transport width 1.3m
Mowing speed Forward: 7mph (11Km/h)
Reverse: 4mph (6.5km/h)
Cutting performance 23 cuts/m at 7mph
Transport speed Forward: 14mph (22Km/h)
Reverse: 7mph (11km/h)
Steering Hydrostatic rear wheel steering with shockload protection
Controls Hand throttle
Key ignition switch
Cutting unit drive switch
Parking brake (electronic)
Twin forward and reverse pedals
Hand operated horn
Adjustable steering wheel
Independent cutter head lift
Limited lift function
Limited lift in reverse (On/Off switch)
Cutterhead weight transfer
Engine Kubota 3 cylinder
Fuel Capacity 45.7L