Fineturf are vastly experienced in bulk earthworks projects, including stadium pitch, school and sports playing field and multi pitch facility constructions and ground remediation projects.

Fineturf own and operate a fleet of earthmoving plant and machinery, which include 360 excavators and bulldozers fitted with laser guided equipment and various dumpers and rollers. Earthworks services include surface removal, topsoil strip, cut and fill, topsoil importation and removal, sand importation and amelioration and laser levelling.

Surface Removal and Topsoil Strip

Prior to the commencement of any earthworks the existing vegetation is removed, usually with a Blec Combinator. Topsoil strip is performed using a ‘loose tipping’ method which requires tracked excavators and dump trucks. The excavator, fitted with a wide, flat edged grading bucket, can accurately strip the existing soil to the correct depth, as set out in the pitch specification and agreed by the engineer. The stripped topsoil can either be stockpiled for reuse later in the project or removed from the site.

Cut and Fill

We are experienced in cut and fill engineering, where excavated material (cut) is used to raise the level of other on site areas (fill). Following our cut and fill operation the subsoil is usually decompacted prior to spreading and levelling the topsoil layer and installing a primary land drainage system.

Topsoil and Sand Spreading

Depending on the pitch specification, the final surface can be constructed using specially blended rootzones, topsoil and sports sand or any combination. When specified a sand carpet is accurately laser levelled across the entire pitch, increasing the depth of the growing medium and acting as a barrier to the sub soil. Following this, dumpers fitted with low ground pressure tyres, to avoid excessive compaction, tip piles of topsoil or rootzone over the area. These piles are initially levelled using a laser guided bulldozer with the final surface accurately finished using a Blec Laser Grader.